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Can you imagine if in your restaurant kitchen, bar, pantry, marketing manager and operation manager worked like independent contractors? "This is beyond our contract, sorry we can't do this", is something you would constantly hear. How soon will your business be closed?

iPad POS

Point of sale application called WAITRE POS is available on the App Store. It is easy, intuitive interface, can be learn within minutes. It allows you to key in sales, give discounts, send production tickets, print bills.

Custom sales and menu management

Custom sales lets you to sell anything you have as well as what you don't currently have in stock. Control the cost and know precisely how much you earn from every deal.



WAITRE is the most advanced inventory management designed specifically for the F&B business. It is able to track expirations, forecast purchases, adjust and transfer stocks, and conduct total stocktaking.


Keep track of your customer database, delivery addresses, birthdays, discounts, total spent amount, last visit etc. We keep working on the improvement of this module and will update is with loyalty reward addon soon.

How                works?

Waitre is a cloud solution. All data is stored and processed online.​

WAITRE is a cloud ERP system for small and medium-sized food and beverage businesses. All your data is stored and processed on the Google Cloud platform. Safe, fast, and reliable. Your office, warehouse, central kitchen and you will be connected via browser like Chrome and you can access the data from anywhere via the Internet. Your outlets will work via iPad POS terminals which are able to work offline for up to one week, and long after you connect to the internet for a couple of minutes to synchronize the data.

All stock levels updated upon purchase receipt. Waitre is able to do branch transfers, track batches and expirations.

Your suppliers will receive purchase orders via the cloud, and all invoices will be tracked by our system too.

All if your outlets will send POS sales into the cloud.From the cloud they will receive all of the data about promotions, price changes, new menu items or SKUs.

Waitre can track preparation production as well as internal orders for intermediates and their transfers.

Your office can control purchases, manage promotions, sales and quotations, reports as well as customer relations.

You can manage your business from anywhere. All data are instantly available online. Advanced notification system will let you know about all important events.

All your customers' data, linked to their receipts stored in the cloud. You can send them mass or individual offers and indulge them with discounts, promotions and rewards.

IPad POS - Point of sale terminal

Our iPAD POS fits most of F&B businesses. From small food kiosks selling takeaway
or food delivery to full-service dine-in restaurants with multiple floors and POS locations.



Simple and intuitive table-plan, which you setup via web back-end allows your staff to easily navigate among the floor and operate tables and orders. Color schemes help the recognition of taken or vacant tables, as well as the tables in checkout mode.


Navigation between menu items and other SKU is easy and lets any new staff accustomed to the POS very quick. Large buttons, visual hints, and color schemes all make the operation fast and smooth.


WAITRE allow to settle the bill in many different ways. Advance deposit and full payment, split by amount, by item, or proportional split. Partial payment of the bill and keep ordering feature is also available.


WAITRE can track the shift's revenue even if your working day ends after midnight. It tracks every cash transaction - sale, withdrawal or deposit, so you wont lose control over the cashier. Moreover the closing shift procedure might be setup to require your staff not only count the cash, but explain all non-standard sales, make sure all orders are paid and account for all non-food inventory used (like toilet paper, napkins etc.)


Highly customizable sales so you can control the cost of every single plate you serve.



With custom sale you can sell anything and beyond. Any special request can be included into the quotation and invoice. Any amendments, surcharges, custom discounts are also possible as well as tracking your clients payments.


You can clearly see how much you earn on each sale. Inventory and it's cost will be included automatically. Moreover, you can include into costs lists of any additional expenses like delivery, petrol, taxi, part-time staff's expenses etc. You will see a breakdown of your expenses and precisely the amount you earn.


Every dish you sell can have a recipe which may include basic ingredients and preparations (pre-cooked ingredients, which also have a recipes). It is made not only to calculate the cost and profit margin, but also to account for the ingredients utilization, forecasting of purchases and accounting the total profit of your outlet.​


Inventory allow you not only control and optimise your costs, it helps you to follow SOP and recipes



All your inventory will be infront of you. Current stock and its value, LOW inventory warnings, EXPirations forecasting, recommended order quantity, and monthly usage. At anytime you can check your current stock levels as well as the total cost of your supplies. WATRE tracks preparations too. All your sauces, burgers, soups (anything your chefs cooks in advance) will be properly accounted.


WAITRE is capable if doing proper stocktaking. We can account for all your staff, including making preparations, making necessary adjustments and letting you know if there are any shortages or excesses.


WAITRE tracks inventory movement between branches and locations. You can transfer your supplies from outlet A to outlet B or within one outlet from BAR to KITCHEN. All inventory transferred will be placed on hold, so you can clearly see where your products are.​


WAITRE can round your orders to supplier's MOQ or to the package size. It may track the orders to the same supplier from different outlets to optimise the cost. WAITRE will notify the owner if the purchase manager choses to buy something which is not for the lowest price or when the price is changed.​


Track you customers, analyse their patterns to offer them more. 



Track your returning customers, allocate the rules to apply discounts if they maintain a certain amount spent. Assign your customers different levels like SIVER, GOLD, VIP etc. Assign individual discounts, manage delivery addresses.


It is easy. Average setup may take from 1 to 5 working days. Depending on your menu size and modules choosen,

To get access to the WAITRE first you need to create a trial account. You can test all the features of WAITRE there. When you are ready you can upgrade your FREE trial to a paid plan. Or you may stay on FREE plan untill you are ready to manage inventory.

Setup table plan and key in your menu

It will take you 1-2 hours to set main outlet settings and key in your menu with prices. We are ready to help you online with this to guide you step by step.

Download iPad WAITRE and START

After you finish naib settings you may download our iPad app, login and you are ready to start sales. Printer's setup will take you a couple of minutes. It is really easy, provided your printers connected to the router (preferable by LAN-cables)

Setup your inventory

You may key in your inventory, setup recipes, key in the initial list of suppliers and purchases later. WAITRE allow inventory and recipes changes up to 90 days backdate.

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