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Champagne in a bucket of ice? Wrong!

Very often, a bottle of white or sparkling wine is served in a bucket of ice. And this is completely wrong! The fact is that the wine will not cool this way: because air has low heat capacity. White or sparkling wine should always be in a bucket where there is ice, but the ice floats in water, which has a high heat capacity. Waiters should know: we pour water in the bucket prior to addition of ice – so that there will be no rumbling noise over a bucket of ice, which terribly annoys guests. In sparkling wine, the serving temperature should not exceed 8 ° C, and good sparkling wines are best served at a temperature not higher than 4 ° C. How to cool the bottle urgently, lowering the temperature of the wine in a very short time? In a mixture of ice and water, you can simply add a very strong salt solution - it takes even more heat. In a good restaurant, you will be served wine on the table, putting the bucket on a plate: because the condensate will flow down and the tablecloth will get wet without a plate. The napkin is only on the bucket itself but not wrapped around its rim. The waiter must present the wine: name, grape variety, region of origin, year and - certainly! - category. Because sparkling and sparkling wines have their own categories - doux (sweet or what we used to call semi-sweet), demi-sec (semi-dry), sec (dry), extra sec or extra dry (extra-dry), brut (almost completely dry) and extra brut / brut nature / brut zero / ultra brut (excessively dry).


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