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Fake cinnamon? Which is yours?

Quality ALBA Ceylon costs $ 9 but the usual one which I always buy costs $ 1. It turns out that it is not cinnamon, but cassia - “fake cinnamon,” labeled as cinnamomum aromaticum, the bark of a related spicy-flavored tree, it is darker in appearance, since it is made from whole pieces of bark, thick tubes that are difficult to grind, even difficult to break sometimes. For now, we will not talk about the harmful effects of coumarin but it is known to contain poison (If the packaging says China, Vietnam, Indonesia, as a rule, it is cassia. Real Ceylon cinnamon (labeled as Cinnamomum zeylonicum) is light, fragile, easily crumbles, it is chopped and twisted tightly from the inner tender layers of the crust. It is 10 times more expensive. It is easy to grind, to enhance the aroma, dry in the oven at 160 degrees. For a hardworking boss, it can easily be identified. Ground cinnamon can also be tested with few drops of iodine. Cassia turns blue due to its higher starch content but Cinnamon will darken. Stocks of fake cinnamon can be used for decorating Christmas tree or let children toy this fake herb.


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