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How do you waiters greet your guests?

How your waiter’s friendly gesture to guests does a lot in making them feel at home and is one of the ways to win their heart. Apart from serving them with good facial expressions, a waiter’s openhearted greeting is the beginning of hospitality. The fact that guests come from different places and have been under different conditions before coming to your restaurant should be fully aware. And some even come to melt away their frozen nerves; think of a divorced man with hostile neighbours, kind welcome note from a waiter will drive away his sorrow and make him feel at paradise. Surely, he will not miss out the next evening. In short, your waiter’s greeting is what you cannot afford to joke with. Therefore, in the morning it should be “Good morning”, at lunch “Good afternoon” or “Good day” and “Good evening” at dinner time. Also, in their farewell remarks; they should wish the guests “Have a nice day ahead”, “Have a delightful evening!” or “Have a wonderful weekend ahead!”. Henceforth, let your greetings contain good wishes. This way, your guests will feel very important and lucky to have come to your restaurant. Not only that they will pay attention to you and your services but also bring their friends to partake in their heaven-on-earth experiences. Thus, stock and emotionless phrases such as “Hi” or “Bye” that sound distant from guests should be avoided but greetings that show closeness and good wishes should be used.


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