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Scold your waiters at the right time!

The quality of services, staff kind gesture and their facial appearance to guests is the mirror image of your restaurant. First impression lasts longer; consider a first-timer in your restaurant, the atmosphere and attitude of your waiters play the key role whether he or she will revisit your restaurant. One of the best practices is to gainfully manage the frame of mind of your waiters. Doing this, you must desist from aggressive 5-minute meetings in the prior to their daily work. Your waiters should “fly and smile” while on duty but if you spoil their mood in the very beginning of the shift, less probably he/she will sincerely welcome the guests. If you want to scold someone - do so in the evening after you close the outlet. If at all you spoil someone's mood, this person will go home, sleep and get over it and the correction will surely take effect in the next morning.


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