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What is                 ?

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It is an Android POS system, cloud inventory, CRM and much more from $0 per month.
Designed and developed for food and beverage business. 
Check out our inventory module. You are going to be impressed!
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We love to do
the boring part
of retail & F&B!

You can focus on food quality, presentation, customer service and entertaining your guests. We will do the boring part for you. Comprehensive, F&B data management solution. For cafes, restaurants, retail, small business, to-go kiosks, grocery shops or foodcourt stalls. From small family business to big multi-outlet chains.


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business solutions!

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w.ecu makes small business management systems for every type of business. Take payments, run your business and sell more weather you need countertop point of sale, a handle device or no hardware at all.

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waitre is an android based 2 in 1 OIS system designed specifically for the F&B and Retail business, including all of the necessary features such as table management, take away and delivery.

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w.detail is and davance inventory management with expiration tracking, ordred forecasting and purchase management, will let you to have all products in stock for your customers without overstock, loss on wastage or stocks discrepancy.

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For whom is               

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For any F&B related business, cafe, restaurants, bars or even food wholesalers.
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Full-service cafes and restaurants

Table's layout, auto-distributing orders between different locations like kitchen and bar, courses setup allow you to serve tables on the fly.

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Grocery shops

Advanced inventory management with expiration tracking, order forecasting, and purchase management will let you to have all products in stock for your customers without losing on wastage.

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Food deliveries

Input customer's delivery address, remember past addresses (multiple), fulfilment status, print notes for couriers, track payment status.

self service draw_A.jpg

Self-service bakeries,
cofe-shops or food kiosks

Simplifyed checkout, ability to hold open orders, checklist of what is collected and what is not, advanced cash management.

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             MAIN FEATURES

Waitre made by people from the F&B industry, so we know how this business works
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Sales via POS and custom invoicing

WAITRE is an iPad POS system designed specifically for the F&B business, including all of the necessary features such as table management, take away and delivery, split bills, discounts, modifiers, sales by weight, tips and surcharges, cash management and closing shifts, as well as many other useful features.


Advanced Inventory management

Our inventory management module is able to not only create purchase orders, branch transfers or stock adjustments but it can also forecast your purchases and recommend how many ingredients to buy as well as when to buy them in order to avoid wastage and overstock. We maintain supplier's MOQs, expiration dates and we are able to fix your mistakes backwards by recalculating stock adjustments backdate.​



WAITRE client relationship management allows for you to keep records about your customers' orders as well as reward your customers with discounts, which can be applied automatically according to the rules you setup. We also have built in a bonus program, where your customers can accumulate points and spent them upon returning to your outlet again and again.

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Menu and recipes management

For every item you sell you can create a recipe and our system will track the ingredient utilization. Our system tracks several levels of the recipe, from basic products like tomato or garlic as well as preparation guidelines for items such as a bolognese sauce or salsa to final, ready to sell products like salads or soups.


Multi-outlet support

You can create many outlets with many menus. You can transfer your stocks between many locations. You can consolidate your purchases to suppliers to get better prices. Menu items or inventory items can be sold in a single outlet or multiple outlets based on your choosing. You can create campaigns which will be running in every outlet simultaneously or only in chosen outlets.​


ZERO setup investment

To start working with us you need any computer, iPad and receipt printer from the list that we support. No upfront payments, no setup fees (unless you will engage someone for setup and training). We will provide free consultations on the every stage of implementation. It is a totally DIY solution. No special knowledges needed.​

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You can setup several floors (via our web-based backend) and track dine-in orders via graphic interface. To-go and delivery orders have a simplified appearance.

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WAITRE POS terminal allows you to do a simple check-out as well as split bills by item, by amount, or equally by the number of guests. It allows for you to record deposits paid upfront as well.

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WAITRE allows you to create recipes for final dishes and record details for preparation. Moreover, it allows you to change recipes in advance and backdate with proper recalculation of the ingredients usage.​

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WAITRE cloud app is able not only to track all your inventory movement, but it can also forecast your usage, recommend the volume of purchases to avoid wastage and expirations as well as negative feedback from your customers regarding of stock items.​

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Input customer's delivery address, remeber past addresses (multiple), fulfilment status, print notes for couriers, track payment status.



Our POS terminal will carefully control all cash movement and get you precise information about how much money you have in your cash drawer. All deposits, expenses, withdrawals and cash sales will be recorded and can be tracked.

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Waitre will help you easily manage banquets, catering and any other non-standard orders. You can sell anything you have in stock as well as stock you are waiting to recieve and monitor your cost and profitability of the deal at it's every stage.​

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Waitre has several adjustment types, from wastage and ad-hoc adjustments to proper stocktaking (which you can conduct monthly or with any other interval). Our stocktaking engine allows you to clearly see what is counted and what is not, including the adjustment amount.

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How much does                


Our plans include email, chat and phone* customer support as well as FREE implementation trainings.​
Phone support available for paid plans only

Free Trial

All features included in Sale PRO +
plan with limitations.
Max 100 SKU, 5 suppliers,  20 menu items etc.

2 iPads or Android licenses, outlet, 3 users

0$ /7days



2 iPads or Android licenses, 1 outlet, 3 users
Non extendable

Email and chat 24/7 support

POS sales module

Basic CRM

Reporting and analytics

Free on-boarding and trainings


   at 20$per month

Reporting and analytics

Free on-boarding and trainings


1 iPad licenses, 1 outlet, 3 users


Basic CRM

POS sales module

Custom PRO sales module

Chat and phone 24/7 support



   at 30$per month

Detail PRO

2 iPads or Android licenses, 1 outlet, 3 users

POS sales module

Chat and phone 24/7 support

inventory PRO module

Free on-boarding and trainings

Reporting and analytics

Basic CRM

Custom PRO sales module



   at 40$per month

Manage your

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with extensions*

* Each extention available for extra charge.

All plans start from the FREE trial account which you can upgrade at any time to the most suitable paid plan.

Loyalty (E-wallet)

30$ /mo

 An e-wallet application allows customers to store rewards in one place, and be able to spent them at any time.

Analytics (Reporting)

15$ /mo

Analysis and reporting based on sales and purchases of your business, making notes of profit and exceeds.

Micro site

30$ /mo

Your brand-specific website  that will be used to promote your individual products, events, or campaigns

24/7 online support

25$ /mo

Technical support at any time of the day, for any questions
you may have


20$ /mo

The extension that tracks stock, supplies and sales
through an entire supply chain.

BOLT/WOLT/GLOVO integration

30$ /mo

We will help you integrate with delivery systems for your business, to simplify and use one app instead of multiply


100$ /mo

Allows user to self-order and pay via card. Put order via app and self-collect or arrange a delivery to a particular adress.

Quickbooks/Xero  integration

30$ /mo

Integration with accounting software, for easier management of payrolls and invoices.


10$ /mo

An ordering and information system display in the kitchen backend to increase restaurant efficiency.

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How                 can help?

WAITRE knows the business challenges and helps you to operate. 


Organise operations

WAITRE will help you efficiently organise your routine operations - make sales, print bills and production tickets, make discounts, key in purchase orders, make quotations, track inventory.

Entertain friends draw_A.jpg

WAITRE will ask your staff to explain any non-standard sales and highlight any application of custom discounts, wastages, or cancellations.

Control voids & manual discounts


Stocktaking and forecasting Draw_A.jpg
Manage purchases


WAITRE will forecast the future volume of needed ingredients and will advise you on how much to order to avoid expiration wastage or overstock.

Investment doubt draw_A.jpg
No initial investments needed


To start working with WAITRE you don't need to pay anything upfront. No set-up fee, only monthly subscription, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.


Understand your profitability

Advanced inventory management with expiration tracking, order forecasting, purchases management will let you to have all products in stock for your customers without losing on wastage.

Avoid STOPS and 86


Out of stock draw_A.jpg

When something is out of stock you are losing money and disappointing customers. WAITRE will notify you about low stock levels in advance and give you the recommended order quantity.

Our POS is able to track every cash transaction, force your staff to count cash when ending a shift and send you a report about every withdrawal made.

Cash shortages draw_A.jpg
Control cash flow


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Customization and Add-Ons


Different businesses have unique requirements. Look for a flexible POS system that allows customization to suit your specific needs. Additionally, consider whether the system offers add-ons or integrations with other tools you use, such as accounting software or employee management systems.

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Sales Management


The POS system should allow you to process sales transactions efficiently, including scanning barcodes, accepting different payment methods (cash, credit/debit cards, mobile payments), and providing receipts.

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