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An advance inventory management with expiration trackin, order forecasting and purshase management

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stock replenishment and forecasting

Manage inventory, suppliers, teams and stores from one retail platform. From easy-to-use POS and ecommerce tools to advanced reporting, Detail has what you need to help you scale and succeed.


main features

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Is a powerful POS system tailored for your buisness

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Inventory Tracking

The system allows businesses to track their inventory in real time, including stock levels, item locations, and movement history. It provides visibility into what items are in stock, on order, or running low.

SKU Management

You can assign unique stock-keeping units (SKUs) to each item in their inventory to facilitate accurate tracking and identification. SKUs help differentiate products and streamline order fulfillment processes.

Purchase Order Management

The system enables to create and manage purchase orders for procuring new inventory. It tracks supplier information, delivery dates, and costs associated with each order.

Sales Order Management

Businesses can track customer orders, allocate inventory, and fulfill sales orders efficiently. This feature ensures accurate order fulfillment and reduces the risk of stockouts or overselling.

Barcode Scanning

This enables businesses to quickly and accurately scan barcodes on products, improving inventory accuracy and reducing manual data entry errors

Stock Replenishment and Forecasting

The system can generate demand forecasts based on historical sales data and trends. It helps businesses determine optimal reorder points, automate stock replenishment processes, and avoid stockouts or excess inventory.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and analytics features to gain insights into inventory performance, turnover rates, stock aging, and other key metrics. This information helps businesses make data-driven decisions and optimize inventory management strategies.

Scalability and Integration

Our inventory management system is scalable to accommodate business growth and able to integrate with other business systems, such as accounting software, ERP systems, or shipping carriers

How much does



Our plans include email, chat and phone* customer support as well as FREE implementation trainings.​
Phone support available for paid plans only

Free Trial

All features included in Sale PRO +
plan with limitations.
Max 100 SKU, 5 suppliers,  20 menu items etc.

2 iPads or Android licenses, outlet, 3 users

0$ /7days



2 iPads or Android licenses, 1 outlet, 3 users
Non extendable

Email and chat 24/7 support

POS sales module

Basic CRM

Reporting and analytics

Free on-boarding and trainings


   at 20$per month

Reporting and analytics

Free on-boarding and trainings


1 iPad licenses, 1 outlet, 3 users


Basic CRM

POS sales module

Custom PRO sales module

Chat and phone 24/7 support



   at 30$per month

Detail PRO

2 iPads or Android licenses, 1 outlet, 3 users

POS sales module

Chat and phone 24/7 support

inventory PRO module

Free on-boarding and trainings

Reporting and analytics

Basic CRM

Custom PRO sales module



   at 40$per month

Detail LOGO.png

Manage your

with extensions*

* Each extention available for extra charge.

All plans start from the FREE trial account which you can upgrade at any time to the most suitable paid plan.

Loyalty (E-wallet)

30$ /mo

 An e-wallet application allows customers to store rewards in one place, and be able to spent them at any time.

Analytics (Reporting)

15$ /mo

Analysis and reporting based on sales and purchases of your business, making notes of profit and exceeds.

Micro site

30$ /mo

Your brand-specific website  that will be used to promote your individual products, events, or campaigns


20$ /mo

The extension that tracks stock, supplies and sales through an entire supply chain.


100$ /mo

Allows user to self-order and pay via card. Put order via app and self-collect or arrange a delivery to a particular adress.


10$ /mo

An ordering and information system display in the kitchen backend to increase restaurant efficiency.

24/7 online support

25$ /mo

Technical support at any time of the day, for any questions you may have


30$ /mo

We will help you integrate with delivery systems for your business, to simplify and use one app instead of multiply

Quickbooks/Xero integration

30$ /mo

Integration with accounting software, for easier management of payrolls and invoices.

See if Detail is right for you.

Discover how Detail can help you manage sales, inventory, customers, suppliers, payments and reporting in real time.


It is easy. Average setup may take from 1 to 5 working days. Depending on your menu size and modules choosen,

To get access to the WAITRE first you need to create a trial account. You can test all the features of WAITRE there. When you are ready you can upgrade your FREE trial to a paid plan. Or you may stay on FREE plan untill you are ready to manage inventory.

Setup table plan and key in your menu

It will take you 1-2 hours to set main outlet settings and key in your menu with prices. We are ready to help you online with this to guide you step by step.

Download iPad or Android WAITRE and START

After you finish naib settings you may download our iPad app, login and you are ready to start sales. Printer's setup will take you a couple of minutes. It is really easy, provided your printers connected to the router (preferable by LAN-cables)

Setup your inventory

You may key in your inventory, setup recipes, key in the initial list of suppliers and purchases later. WAITRE allow inventory and recipes changes up to 90 days backdate.

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