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Organizing the Wine List to Maximize Sales

Let’s start out with the don’ts of maximizing wine sales. Do not order your list by price. This is a cardinal rule. You’re better off putting your wines in a random order than by price. Why? Because customers will start at the top and only go to their price comfort level and not explore any further. And if your customers don’t know much about wine, they’ll order the second cheapest wine all the time. Now that you know the danger in ordering your list by price, how can you do it better? Your best bet is to organize by flavour profile, from light to full. This provides a lot of values to customers who know what taste they like or what they’re going to eat. Of course, this requires more work on your part, but don’t hesitate to ask your distributors for help. If you don’t like to organize by flavour profile, you can order alphabetically, by bin number, by region or other listings that are appealing and easily understood by guests and staff.


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