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Don’t place the best furniture in the most popular corners.

Every restaurant has very popular tables that need to be positioned at different strategic corners. Positioning your furniture, you don’t have to put all your eggs in one basket! First, take a look at your furniture (chairs and tables) and the corners available for guests. Probably not all your pairs of furniture are well-cushioned or some of the spaces you have to arrange them are not that inviting but you have to strike a balance. Just apply this method of arrangement, it works and you will surely get your guests entertained comfortably. In the first place, do not place the best set of tables and comfortable chairs or armchairs in the most inviting corners. Also, the cosiest furniture place at the bleak corners, where you can compensate for their unattractiveness. For example, placing the most attractive chairs and tables near the toilet or next to the display or at the crowded corridor will bring a balance. At the same time, the most popular places should be made conform by placing high chairs or stools with small tables. This way you distribute your guest more even and rotate the popular tables more often. This especially makes sense if your space is limited and at certain time frames you have a full house with limited or no seats available.

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